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How Executive and Judiciary Branches Have Affected My Life

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The Constitution applies to every person living in America regardless of the age, color religion or even location. As a student, I am affected by the laws that are passed by the judiciary or executive bodies mainly regarding education. Every state has its provision about the education right but luckily; all states have free education especially at the K-12 level. The federal government has assured all students have the right to education under the Fourteenth Amendment’s right.

I am currently in college and what affects me directly in the Constitution is the passages concerning the student’s funds and loans. In 2010, President Obama passed a loan reform bill. He directed billions of money from the bank subsidies to cater for students’ aid. This has helped me access loans and grants that are supporting me in my education (, 2016). I believe this is one way the law and the Constitution have affected me directly and in a positive way. Moreover, the law has guaranteed me to have grants in my projects if they prove to be innovative. I feel this has made many students be creative and innovative without fear that they will lack funds to undertake their projects.

I agree with Peter Saga that the most important feature in the Constitution is the Bill of Rights ( The Bill dictates how people speak worship and conduct business among others. Laws passed by the legislature in 2015, for instance, those regarding workplace have ensured my safety while working as a bartender. The Domestic workers Senate Bill 552 (, 2016) has given me a chance to have rest time, overtime pay and time off which has helped me to balance between workplace and school.





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Government Branches
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