Master Allen

Master Allen
Master Allen is a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Information Technology with more than 9 years of experience in academic writing. Not only is she passionate about writing but also has high quality writing and research skills.

Master Allen has an extensive knowledge in different writing formats such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver and IEEE among others. During the 9 years of writing, Master Allen has completed essays, reports, dissertations, thesis and proposals in different areas of study such as Healthcare, Arts, Nursing, Religion, Business, Technology, and Literature among others. Her versatility in academic writing and strong skills of research proves her ability in handling different assignments in the academic field.
Customer Reviews
Dayton, Ohio | 2019-10-31
good job
Annotated bibliography, Management, Professional
Uxbridge, Massachusetts | 2019-10-18
Excellent work! This writer is the best!!
Coursework, Other, Undergraduate
Salt Lake City, Utah | 2019-03-15
i am completely dissatisfied with this order. i scored a low mark on it . not up to average....i am so very upset
Essay, Art, Undergraduate
Uxbridge, Massachusetts | 2019-03-10
Excellent work
Term paper, Physics, Undergraduate
Albuquerque, New Mexico | 2019-03-07
i paid for one page and i got 68 (which is really low) i paid for advance writer i can't believe i got 68.
Comparative essay, Culture, Undergraduate
Uxbridge, Massachusetts | 2019-03-03
Great writer
Essay, English Literature, Undergraduate
Albuquerque, New Mexico | 2019-02-24
recommendation part could be better
Analysis, Business, Undergraduate
Uxbridge, Massachusetts | 2019-01-22
Excellent work! Will definitely be using writer again very soon!
Essay, English Literature, Undergraduate
Frostburg, Maryland | 2019-01-21
There were a few errors with the cited material not being matched up with the correct reference but that was easily corrected. The writer provided addition material (questionnaire) upon request as I expected to be asked for additional supporting material due to the nature of the topic and accessibility to shipping ports. After correcting the few errors and running through Grammarly, the paper received an "A". Great work! This service is very much appreciated.
Research paper, Other, Undergraduate
Columbia, South Carolina | 2018-11-25
Writer did an excellent job.
Essay, Other, Undergraduate
Columbia, South Carolina | 2018-11-25
Writer did an excellent job.
Essay, Other, Undergraduate
Los Angeles, California | 2018-10-11
Other, Other, Undergraduate
Columbia, South Carolina | 2018-09-01
All my essays received have been excellent. Thanks
Essay, Other, Undergraduate
Los Angeles, California | 2018-08-14
Ty very much, you went above and beyond what I expected. Again, thanks
Assignment, Other, Undergraduate
Murfreesboro, Tennessee | 2018-06-19
I specifically asked for 20 websites and only got 17 and the rubric stated that they were supposed to be in alphabetical order. My grade for this assignment was a very low B. I also wrote the writer for revision so that 3 more cites could be added and I still got the SAME paper sent to me. Not pleased at all.
Annotated bibliography, Education, Graduate
Murfreesboro, Tennessee | 2018-06-14
Literature review, Education, Graduate
Brooksville, Florida | 2018-03-25
My recommendations and requirements have not been entirely reflected in the paper.
Research paper, Other, Graduate
Gulfport, Mississippi | 2018-03-12
despite sending multiple revisions I still got a paper which is not per the revision instructions nor the originals instructions given on the order, I was willing to transfer all my research papers to here however, that is not gonna happen.
Case study, Business, Professional
Reston, Virginia | 2017-12-21
The writer was quick, explained everything and was very nice in his responses
Power Point presentation, Information Technology, Graduate
Reston, Virginia | 2017-12-21
This writer did an excellent job. I would like to use him from now on.
Research paper, Other, Graduate
Valley Village, California | 2017-11-22
Term paper, Law, Undergraduate
Los Angeles, California | 2017-11-01
excellent, as always, quality highly rated and thoughtful in depth writing , you lid out the Magna Carta that even a layman can understand the basics, again, thanks with lots of gratitude
Research paper, History, Undergraduate
Los Angeles, California | 2017-11-01
excellent, as always, quality highly rated and thoughtful writing
Assignment, Other, Undergraduate
New York, New York | 2017-10-26
Worked well with writer...did a quality job with a limited timeline
Literature review, Law, Graduate
Brooksville, Florida | 2017-10-25
Thank you, it looks fine. I appreciate your help
Other, Other, Graduate
Albuquerque, New Mexico | 2017-10-18
Thank you
Annotated bibliography, Environmental Studies, Undergraduate
Hicksville, New York | 2017-10-12
Excellent work as always. Will be sending more orders soon Thank you!
Assignment, Religion & Theology, Undergraduate
Valley Village, California | 2017-08-29
Excellent Job!!!! It really helped!!! OUTSTANDING!!!
Term paper, Law, Undergraduate
Valley Village, California | 2017-07-26
Thank You!!!! Outstanding Job!! Will come back again!!
Term paper, Law, Undergraduate
Lubbock, Texas | 2017-03-04
Fantastic and outstanding service. For all the people out there that need academic assistance for writing papers, this is the right website for you. Don't bother with other custom writing companies, that promise a lot of things, and don't deliver on their promises. Unlike other websites, Academic Papers delivers on all their promises!
Before I discovered your website, I ordered a research paper from another company; and they delivered an appalling research paper, never bothering to read any of my instructions. Luckily, I could request a refund from them.
I am very happy with the quality of my research paper here. They did an excellent job, following ALL of my instructions, and delivering a quality paper at an extremely low price compared to other companies out there. Besides, they also offer a lot of free bonuses when ordering your custom paper, which other companies would likewise charge for. I also like your new website, it is a 100% better than the old one. I will definitely use your service again.
Research paper, Nutrition, Undergraduate
Arnold, Maryland | 2017-02-25
I read this paper in its entirety. Excellent work very pleased!!!!
Case study, Other, Graduate
Los Angeles, California | 2017-02-02
Please cite any of the sites you use according to APA format. I will give the writer a free reign to chose whichever teaching method they deem apt to write about and be creative in delivery of the material.
Assignment, Other, Graduate
Worcester, Massachusetts | 2016-11-16
Research paper, Psychology, Undergraduate
Hampton, Georgia | 2016-10-20
when you asked about references regarding the novels, are you asking for the novel's sources?
Research paper, English Literature, Undergraduate
Wasilla, Alaska | 2015-10-20
I am sending over now just saw message
Business plan, HR Management, Graduate

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